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Hey ya'll! Im glad you finally stopped by! Let see.....how can I describe who I am?! That's always the hard part right? Talking about our selves. Well you know how in a group of friends there's the introvert, the optimist (or pessimist lol), maybe the loud mouth or obnoxious one? Then there's the creative....that's me! I'm Kia Drew, the creative. Nice to meet you!


One thing you will find out quickly about me is that I'm consistent. I am totally dedicated to building valuable relationships. I'd love to meet an find out how we can connect.

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I am a professional model, who blogs from time to time and am thrilled to be the go to creative strategist for brands like yours. So me and my creative mind have come up with a unique type of service that a lot of business want and need. Its a whole party of creativity going on.